Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Ceiling is coming down

So back in June our church had the roof replaced.  Part of that was putting new insulation in under the roof. They used some new type of insulation that is sprayed in between the roof and the ceiling.  Only one problem.  With our installation there was a "feature"...   With the spraying came the smell of dead fish.  fast forward to almost six months later (now).  The insulation maker is plunking down the money to replace the ceiling and anything else that may get damaged in the removal of the insulation (and smell).  Wow, huh!!!  

What does any of this have to do with Children's Ministry you may ask?  Well now, I get to work with the new Pastor at our church (Hi PB!) (He preached 1 week in the main sanctuary before construction starts.. - Haa!) to figure out the symantics of the next couple months worth of Sundays.  We have a multi-purpose foyer that "should" be big enough to fit all of the people on a Sunday, but it could get tight. 

So my thought is have kids dropped off directly to Children's Church.  Honestly, I've wanted to do this at the church from when Mollie (wife) and I started leading kids church.  I just haven't wanted to stir to many places with to much vigor. 

One last observation from the Sunday.  Superhero is now officially my kids' most requested song.  All I have to do is move towards the DVD player and they are squealing "Super hero! Super hero!!".  They have even gotten to love that loveable aussie accent "baaabie".  Their only question is... who the heck is the bearded guy in the boat?  :)

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Prophecy from Kim Clement 10/21 in Huntsville, TX

So I get the Elijah List and was searching through it for references to children and found this one..... Wow!!!!

October 21, 2006 - Huntsville, Texas
The Spirit of God says, do not listen to some of the voices in this Nation. For God says many are saying, doom and destruction. Many are saying, it will not happen. God says, I have declared that this Nation has stood before Me many many times. I have not forgotten the prayers of your forefathers. I have not forgotten or looked away from the blood of the men that have laid down their lives for righteousness sake. Neither have I looked away from those who have cried out in the battlefield just before they died calling for their families and calling for their Nation. Would I walk away from a prayer of a dying man? No I will not. The nations of the world are trying to pull you back into another war and they shall not succeed, says the Lord.

The Spirit of God says, if you would hear tonight and you would understand I will bring forth a sound that will destroy your enemies rapidly. For during the summer months I brought down many of your enemies and exposed them. But the Spirit of God says, hear the Word of the Lord. God says, I am going to bring them to nothing. There are three nations that once stood away as your enemies that will become your friends and your allies. For God said, watch, I have told you that China and the United States of America would enter into a pact and a bond and this is happening though predicted years ago. For North Korea has stood and they have prodded the giant and God said, they are now going to regret. For God says, they have already decided to send into the atmosphere which would poison and destroy My people and God says, it shall not succeed. It shall not succeed.

I have listened to the prayers of righteous men in political office, Democrat and Republican. I have listened to their prayers and I have listened to some of them as they have cried out and said, "God the division in this Nation is causing too much trouble." And yes it is, says the Lord. But I am moving on the Northeast of this Nation. I am moving in Boston, Massachusetts. I am moving in New York. I am going to deal with the Kennedy family and God said, there will be a huge breakthrough. This is not a time for divisiveness. This is not a time for political division and yet it is at its highest. The hatred towards the President of the United States is at its peak, but God said, this will change. For I will take Korea, and I will take that little beast, and I will bring it to nothing. I will protect the people of North Korea but God said, China will have to enter in and I will prove Myself strong again for this Nation. For I have declared before over the season that there would be an unseasonably warm summer through to the end of October. And God said, this is a sign to you that this winter shall be winter of great rejoicing; that your new year shall a new year of great and grand prosperity, says the Spirit of the Living God.

Oh would you hear, would you hear tonight what the Spirit is saying to you? There is a sound of an abundance and God said, but many have not seen it but now they shall see it. For God says, in your new year you will experience something unusual. For this October it was already predicted through My prophet that this economy would reach its peak and things would go as they did not predict. Ha! Who are those that would predict? Who are those that would say "we are the prognosticators of the economy." God said, who are those that would say "we are the prognosticators of the political welfare of this nation." God said, I AM the prognosticator. I AM the one that decrees something. For even though the deaths have been at their highest, God said, Iran, what is this that you are trying to do? Would you put nose up and say to this Nation, "no more America?" I laugh says the Spirit of God! I laugh! I am laughing, says the Spirit of the Living God, because this is My hour for the greatest harvest in this Nation EVER! This shall be the greatest harvest that you have ever experienced, says the Lord. You shall find that the atheists of this Nation shall say, "we are clueless" because of this that is happening scientifically.

Huntsville and the region surrounding you, I have sent you a prophet for a very good purpose. I am rallying together true intercessors. I am rallying together true warriors that breathe clean air and I am coming outside the city of Houston to make a declaration. Even as Jesus stood outside of Capernaum and said that the high priest and the high power of Capernaum will be brought down, so outside the city of Houston, I declare that the stronghold of the principality of Houston, Texas is coming to nothing. It is coming to nothing, says the Spirit of God.

I am going to make a declaration tonight that there is no power that can make a prognosis as deadly as "there shall be no United States of America, there shall be no living creature in this land." They have said this. But now I shall arise, says the Lord, and your economy shall be greatly boosted. For the discovery of oil shall continue in the land of the living, the brave, the free. For God says, hear this: Until the new source of energy is released and discovered which is soon, I will give you remarkable breakthroughs in the soil and in the earth. And people shall say, "what has happened in Israel, why is there suddenly so much oil?" Because this Nation to be rid of the pests and to be rid of those that have made you look to them for your source of energy. That day is coming to an end. 2007 you shall say, the fall, the fall, the fall has brought about the energy that we need and then the race shall swiftly be changed in favor of the people of the Living God in this Nation, says the Lord!

Prophets are there to make declaration in the face of the enemy. And God said, there is an enemy that has risen up strongly and they have said "we will gather the nations against this one free land." But yet the tables shall turn, as I prove Myself to be crafty again, says the Lord. Watch Me, for when you think you know Me and when they think they already predicted how I am going to operate, My Kingdom comes and My Kingdom takes ruler-ship.

Watch Me touch your children, says the Lord. Watch Me touch your children. Just watch Me touch your children, says the Lord of Hosts. And I will take them just as they are and I will raise them up to be the "Davids" and the "Daniels" and the "Moses" of this hour, says the Spirit of the Living God. Watch Me touch your children, watch Me touch your children and they will come to life. Watch Me touch your children, watch Me touch your children and they will come to life.

God says, families that are represented here tonight, not only here, but on the internet shall grab a hold of these words, and this prophet has spoken from this platform in the presence of those who are calling themselves warriors of the New Millennium, God said, My warriors that know how to stand in the lion's den and praise Him, My warriors who know how to stand in the fiery furnace and yet give Him praise, My warriors who know how to stand at the water's edge and strike the rock down and open up the waters, that is the kind of warrior I am looking for. I am looking for a warrior that can do these kinds of things, says the Spirit of the Lord. These are the kind of warrior, says the Lord, that will take a little stone and bring a giant down. These are the kind of warriors, says the Lord, that will open theirs mouths and shout so the walls of Jericho can come down, says the Lord. These are the kinds of warriors that I am raising up; I am raising up warriors just like Gideon who will go with just 300 men, just like Gideon who will go with 300 men, just like Gideon who will go with 300 men.

I am looking for some warriors, says the Lord, and they are in your families - they are your children. These are the ones that will stand before the kings just like Esther did. And God said, these are the ones who change history just like Deborah. These are the ones that will change history just like Ruth and Mary and Elizabeth. God said, your girls are going to become women of God and they are going to become virtuous women who will prophesy to the dead bones of this society. I am going to raise up your children and they shall be the ones who will stand before the Lord and say, "God, here I am, send me, and send me wherever You want me to go. Send me, send me wherever You want me to go. Send me, send me wherever You want me to go, send me. "

There are secrets being shared with you tonight regarding a war that the enemy is trying to put up between three nations. And God said, these three nations shall do exactly what Jehoshaphat did when Jehoshaphat praised the Lord in the presence of three nations, do you remember what happened, said the Lord. I sent ambushments against the nations and those same three nations that are rising up against this Nation - I will set ambushments against them and they will begin to fight each other, says the Spirit of God. Are you ready for God to entangle them and set ambushments against them? Lord of the Universe, do it again!! Lord of the Universe, do it again! Lord of the Universe, do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!

God said, I want to send a remarkable wind of My Spirit this region. Ryan, God hears you praying and calling out. Huntsville, God hears you calling out and praying. From this city, from this region, a great Senator shall be raised up amongst a family in this building tonight. He is only 9 years of age and will turn 10 in the December month. A great Senator shall be raised up who will provoke the forces, the forces that have hidden agendas, who will say "religion has no power in schools, schoolbooks, in the law" and God said, this one shall rise and they shall say "he is but a short man with a huge power." Out of this region I will raise up a Senator who will become a voice in this Nation and Huntsville will be proud. For God said, in his reign in Texas there shall be less crime than in any other state in the United States of America.

I am waiting for your children to be Mine. I am waiting, I am waiting for your children. They shall be Mine. They shall be Mine. I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you to come in.

I have made a place only for you next to Me. I have a made a place by My side.

God is saying, suddenly there was this volume from the book that came out from the prophetic voice regarding your children, regarding your children, regarding your family, regarding your future, regarding this Nation, regarding your finances. And God said what He is about to do in the release of a wind will raise this soil up and the people of this region and from it will come a political leader and great, great leaders shall come from your children. Evangelists, prophets shall come from your children.

And now He's saying there's a place I've created for you. Just like He told Moses, He said, there is a place by My side, there is a place by My side and by My side is a Rock and in that Rock is a cleft. By the Rock, but in the Rock there is a cleft. The Spirit of God says, I will place you in the cleft so I can show you the glory of tomorrow. My altar is open for you and your house. If you desire this that I have promised, come to My altar, stand before Me, says the Lord, you, your children, your family and I will give you that promise, says the Spirit of God.

Right by My side there is a place for you. Right by My side there is a place for you in the Rock, My Son. Right by My side there is a place for you in the Rock, My Son. Right by My side there is a place for you in the Rock, My Son. … in the Rock, My house.

Right in My heart, there is a place for you in the Rock, in My house.

Right next to Me there is a place for you in the Rock in My heart.

The Spirit of acceleration is upon this Nation. The Spirit of acceleration has been given to every house and family and anybody who would receive it and say "yes and amen." God said, it is yours!

like I said.. Wow! there's a 9 year old that will become a Senator..... wow!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm kidologically famous!!!

I was perusing the sights and sounds and wonders of kidology.org when what to my wandering eye should appear but a link to my blog. Look... see:

Wow maybe someone might even read my blog!!! Of course I'll never be at the pastorkarl.com level... :)

Monday, October 30, 2006

CMA Ministry Workout - Puxy, PA 10/28/2006

I attended a CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) Workshop on Saturday. I sat in on 2 presentations by Dick Crider who represents Discipleland and is goes all over the US speaking at Children's Ministry Conferences and Seminars. He talked about preteens in a class called "Catch them at the back door" then talked about Connecting the Church with Home. He was pretty straightforward about the crises in our churches in regards to young people leaving the church. He mentioned a book be Josh McDowell (The Last Christian Generation Book).

He also mentioned that he is a Dad again at 60 to a 6, 3 and 2 year old. He has his grandkids and is raising the right now. That struck a chord with me, because I was raised by my grandparents. In talking with him, he considers it a priviledge from God to get to witness what he's talked about for 20 years again modelled right in front of his eyes.

The thing he hit me with was the numbers.... 64% of "Christians" don't beleive in the total truth of the Bible.... that is almost as high as the non-Christians (90%).

I also got to meet some other Children's Ministry folks that are in the CMA in our district which was pretty cool.

It wasn't a Kidology U or anything, but it still was really good for me.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

CMUOnet blog test

Hopefully my blogspot posts are now feeding into cmuonet.org. This is a test to see if that works.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Quick hit from Craig Jutila's Leading Edge Podcast

This is just some notes to the 7 things that give us balance - which was a podcast from Craig Jutila:

Podcast #1
Margin - don't want to give out of our depletion.
Savings account - build up a reserve (margin)
7 things that give us balance

1. Read God's word daily
2. Look for accountability
3. Reduce expectations of yourself and others
4. Practice being good enough
5. Invest your time
6. Plan Free Time
7. Underbook your calander

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The flesh is weak, but the Spirit is willing

The following is kind of a debriefing.... it's not about me.. it's mini-testimony of the work of the Holy Spirit in me:

So Last Wednesday night the Faithweaver Friends topic was John 3:16 - How God Saves You. We have on average 30-40 kids on Wednesday nights with around 15 or 20 being unchurched kids. I've felt the last couple of weeks that God's been drawing me deeper. With this lesson in view, I felt this was a time to give these kids an oppurtunity to step out and say they wanted Jesus as their saviour. We've talked and talked to them about how Jesus came to save them but never gave them an "alter call" situation. So this was the night. Because of something taking up our normal meeting space in the main sanctuary we set up in the next biggest room. So we get all the kids in the room, we do a praise song, and I talk about John 3:16.... As I am going along I am telling about sin and how it makes us dirty, and some other stuff... and it's pretty good. I don't know exactly where God's taking it... but I am hoping in Him that these gets will get it. As I start up a slow worship song ("Night Song" by Hillsong Kids) I tell the kids that God wants to speak to them... I start to worship... let God speak to the kids.... My wife nudges me, kinda saying "OK now, do it... bring them the part about Jesus's salvation"... so I turn the music down.... And start to talk more about the Salvation that Jesus brings... and it seems half the kids are snickering and laughing... and BAM! God Spirit hits me. All I remember is this feeling of "It's not funny!!! This is life and death!!!" and telling one of the snickerers that if he were to run out in front of a car, I'd be yelling - "NO!!! Don't do it!!! you're going to get hurt!!!" The whole time, my eyes were closed... Like I say, I don't remember everything, but I do know there was an alter call... a time for boys and girls to acknowledge that they in fact were ready to accept Jesus. Then I led them everyone in the "repeat after me prayer".

I asked Mollie (my wifey) about what she saw and she said there were a number of kids that raised there hands... and for that I praise God!! and pray that this only be the beginning of His Spirit breaking through in my life/ministry and His Church!

Ta Ta for now!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Found great Video from conference at Toronto Airport Fellowship Church

While perusing the TACF.org website, I found a conference from February 2005 called "Raised Up and Set Apart". The conference speaker is a lady named Becky Fischer. Wowsers! here are the titles:

Kids are Hungry for the Supernatural
What to Teach Children and Why
Children and the Holy Spirit
A New Twist on the Harvest
The Joshua Factor

I am just finishing up the 1st one... and I am getting charged up from it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Candidness of Unchurched kids

My wife and I have been helping with the mid-week Faithweaver Friends time since September. Since school started in September, we have seen an influx of unchurched kids. We're talking 50% to 75% of the kids on Wednesday nights are unchurched kids. We have been so blessed at how true and sincere they answer questions. Where the church kids expect whats coming and can answer questions with the "correct" answer, while the unchurch kids give answers... from the heart. Mollie was leading one of the rotation centers and the 4 grade girls (makes up most of the newbies) were talking about how Jesus sure was great! That He had done great things! That they really loved Him. That's the meat that drives us. It makes me inspect myself. Do I come to church or to God with just the "correct" answers or the answers from my heart?

I have a couple of past blog posts, from March of 2005. That was before blogs were cool! I will be trying to blog once a day or so.