Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Come Thou Fount (Verse 1)

Don't take my translation as totally the greatest, 
but it's a start.
feel free to suggest other possible re-phrases.
1. Come, thou Fount of every blessing,
tune my heart to sing thy grace;
streams of mercy, never ceasing,
call for songs of loudest praise.
Teach me some melodious sonnet,
sung by flaming tongues above.
Praise the mount! I'm fixed upon it,
mount of thy redeeming love. 
Come, you Source of every Blessing,
(Bring into Harmony) my heart to sing your grace;
Your streams of mercy never stop,
make me want to praise you without holding back.
Teach me a new beautiful song,
sung (or given) to me through the Holy Spirit given from Heaven.
Praise you for Jesus dying for me, I am thinking about it now,
The place where Your love redeemed all.

Hymn translator

I might step on toes with this, but I was worshiping in my church on Sunday and was wondering what kids think when a hymn comes along and the words include fetter and thee, thou and thine.   So I think I am going to try to translate a hymn... see where things lead.   The song was "Come Thou Fount".   BTW - initially I had "Come Now Fount"  so that shows my point exactly.... I can't even remember the title because... to me...  it I can't understand the lyrics/title, I'm not going to remember it.

So as Brad Stein says,  "Put yer helmet on!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am not a good blogger.

I just looked. 2 posts in 2009.... not very good blogging frequency. :( maybe 2010 will be an up year in my blogging adventures.

From the Bradford Archive

As we were moving last week, I found a CD from our past (The Bradford Archive).   I picked up Young Warriors "It's Our Turn Now" years ago and loved the "Throw Up Song".  So I decided to spin the 1st two songs in children's church last week.  It was like the song was new all over again.  Our group of 13 kids were dancing and grooving to these songs long ago lost at our house.   You should check this CD out..... it's a lot of fun.